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What is the Significance of Cobalt Recovery?

Nov. 18, 2020

Cobalt is widely used and is an important strategic metal. With the increasing consumption of cobalt, a large amount of cobalt waste is also produced. Cobalt-containing waste is an important secondary resource, and China is a country poor in cobalt resources. The recycling of renewable cobalt resources is an effective way to solve the supply of cobalt resources in China. There are many types of cobalt-containing waste materials, mainly including waste high-temperature alloys, waste cemented carbides, waste magnetic alloys, waste Kovar alloys, waste catalysts and waste secondary battery materials. In addition, the cobalt slag produced in the refining process is also one of the sources of recovery.

In the past two years, the amount of cobalt metal piece recovered from imported waste has been greatly affected. However, with the increase in domestic battery material production, the domestic supply of scrap waste has also increased, thus making up for the reduction in imported waste to a certain extent. 

Cobalt Metal Piece

Recovery of cobalt from cobalt-containing converter slag

The process of separating cobalt in cobalt-containing converter slag from other elements and making cobalt products is a method for recovering cobalt from cobalt-containing copper-nickel ore. Cobalt-containing converter slag is usually first enriched by fire method, and then the cobalt is separated from metals such as nickel and copper by wet method, and then metallic cobalt or cobalt oxide is produced from the purified cobalt solution.

Recycling of cobalt waste

For the strictly classified pure cobalt-containing alloy waste, it can be directly smelted into the corresponding alloy according to the specific situation, or it can be downgraded and used as the ingredients of other alloys.

For waste that cannot be used directly, a combined fire and wet process or a full wet process can be used according to specific conditions. When the fire process is adopted, materials with low cobalt content can be mixed into a high matte converter to be converted into high matte, and cobalt can be comprehensively recovered in the high matte treatment process; it can also be smelted in an electric furnace into an alloy anode and sent for electrolysis. When the wet process is adopted, the dissolution of metals can be dissolved by chemical or electrochemical methods; the separation and enrichment of metals from the solution can be carried out by chemical precipitation methods (neutralization hydrolysis precipitation, sulfide precipitation, displacement precipitation, and salt precipitation). Method, etc.), solvent extraction and ion exchange technologies.

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