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The Importance of Scrap Copper Recycling

Oct. 24, 2020

Among copper resources, the recycling and utilization of industrial copper scrap has received more and more attention. The valuable thing about copper is that the recycling of various copper scraps is very simple. After various industrial parts are scrapped, they can be remelted into useful copper raw materials through sorting. Some can directly produce various copper alloy processing materials, and some can produce cathode copper through electrolytic refining. Therefore, various copper scraps are valuable resources.

Since 1950, the output of recycled scrap metal has increased year by year. The ratio of the recovery rate of copper scrap to the recovery rate of recycled copper scrap in developed countries reaches or exceeds 1:1. In some developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, the average annual growth rate of recycled copper scrap is 6.2%, which is much higher than the 0.1% growth rate of original copper scrap during the same period. In 2000, 8.16 million tons of recycled copper scrap and alloys were produced worldwide, and the recycling of waste materials in Wuxi accounted for 33% of the original copper scrap. Among them, 93% in the UK, 59% in Germany and 89% in France. The recovery rate of scrap copper in Japan is 186 times that of primary copper scrap. The United States is the country with the largest amount of scrap copper recycling.

Copper Scrap

20-40% of world copper consumption comes from recycled copper. Therefore, the development and utilization of recycled copper technology is an extremely important technical and economic issue in the copper industry, and it is also the main source of consideration for the increasing demand for copper. Resource recycling and development of renewable energy are effective ways to solve resource shortages and maintain ecology.

Because copper scrap contains a large range, we can classify it according to the ease of recycling. For example, the surface is clean, and there is no debris attached to the first category; the surface and internal impurities are mixed in the second category; waste and unusable pure Copper electrical switches and parts are the third category. It can also be classified according to actual conditions.

We call copper scrap with a copper content higher than 99% as No. 1 copper, which can be directly melted and reused.

It is said that copper with a copper content of less than 945% is No. 2 copper and must be re-melted for use.

The weathering of copper cannot be underestimated. But no solution has been found to prevent weathering permanently. Only transparent layers can be applied to provide different degrees of protection for the inside and outside of copper.

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