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Pretreatment of scrap aluminum(Part 2)

Sep. 28, 2020

At present, many domestic enterprises use high-temperature ablation to remove insulators, and a large amount of harmful gases will be generated during the ablation process, which seriously pollutes the air. For example, a combination of low-temperature baking and mechanical peeling is used to first soften the insulator by thermal energy and reduce the mechanical strength, and then peel it off by mechanical rubbing. This can achieve the purpose of purification and at the same time recover the insulator material. The coating, oil stains and other pollutants on the surface of waste aluminum utensils can be cleaned with organic solvents such as acetone. If they still cannot be removed, the paint stripper should be used to remove the paint. The maximum temperature of the paint stripper should not exceed 566℃. As long as the scrap aluminum material stays in the furnace for a sufficient time, the general oil and coating can be removed.

Scrap Aluminum

For aluminum foil paper, it is difficult to effectively separate the aluminum foil layer and the paper fiber layer with ordinary waste paper pulping equipment. The effective separation method is to first heat and press the aluminum foil paper in an aqueous solution, and then quickly discharge to a low pressure environment to reduce pressure , And mechanical stirring. This separation method can not only recover fiber pulp, but also recover aluminum foil.

The liquefaction and separation of scrap aluminum is the future development direction for the recycling of metal aluminum. It combines the pretreatment of scrap aluminum miscellaneous materials with re-melting and casting, which not only shortens the process flow, but also avoids air pollution to the greatest extent, and enables the recovery of pure metal The rate is greatly improved. There is a filter in the waste aluminum liquefaction separation device that allows gas particles to pass through. In the liquefaction layer, aluminum precipitates at the bottom, and organic matter such as paint attached to the waste aluminum is decomposed into gas, tar and solid carbon at 450 ℃ or more, and then passes through the separator The internal oxidation device burns completely. The waste is stirred by a rotating drum and mixed with the dissolved liquid in the bin. The impurities such as sand and gravel are separated into the sand and gravel separation zone. The dissolved liquid carried by the waste is returned to the liquefaction bin through the recovery propeller.

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