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Pretreatment of scrap aluminum(Part 1)

Sep. 11, 2020

First of all, it is very important to carry out primary classification and grading stacking of scrap aluminum, such as pure aluminum, wrought aluminum alloy, cast aluminum alloy, and mixed materials. Its raw material processing is highly computerized, and all incoming raw materials are stored in partitions, and the inventory is filed and managed based on quantity, chemical composition, recovery rate and cost. With these data, the smelting process can calculate the most effective method when producing alloy ingots.

Economical formula of materials and ensure product quality.

For waste aluminum products, it must be disassembled to remove the steel and other non-ferrous metal parts connected to the aluminum material, and then be washed, crushed, magnetic separation, and dried to make waste aluminum. For thin and loose piece-shaped waste aluminum parts, such as the locking arm, speed gear bushing and aluminum shavings on the car, it is necessary to use a hydraulic metal baler to press into a package. For steel core aluminum stranded wire, the steel core should be separated first, and then the aluminum wire should be wound into a coil.

Scrap Aluminum

Iron impurities are very harmful to the smelting of scrap aluminum. Too much iron will form brittle metal crystals in aluminum, thereby reducing its mechanical properties and weakening its corrosion resistance. The iron content should generally be controlled below 1.2%. For scrap aluminum with an iron content of more than 1.5%, it can be used as a deoxidizer in the iron and steel industry. Commercial aluminum alloys rarely use scrap aluminum with high iron content for smelting. At present, there is no very successful method in the aluminum industry that can satisfactorily remove excess iron from scrap aluminum, especially iron in the form of stainless steel.

Scrap aluminum often contains organic non-metallic impurities such as paint, oil, plastics, and rubber. Before returning to the furnace for smelting, it must be removed. For wire-type scrap aluminum, the foreskin can generally be removed by mechanical grinding, shear peeling, heating peeling, and chemical peeling.

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