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What Happens to Aluminum and Its Alloys During Smelting? (Part 3)

Jun. 11, 2020

3.3 proper selection and use of refining agent can fully separate slag and aluminum.

In aluminium and aluminium alloy ingot, aluminum alloy ingot smelting process, in addition to its inclusion store extremely easily, Aluminum and oxygen generated alumina or alumina, etc, lead to liquid Aluminum surface has a layer of scum, it with Aluminum melt has certain invasive, slag mixed with quite a number of the melt, so you need a refining agent to change both invasive and increase the surface tension on the Aluminum slag and interface, make the Aluminum slag and separation.

Aluminium and aluminium alloy with flux is generally composed of alkali metal and alkaline earth metal chloride and fluoride, its main composition is KCl, NaCl, NaF. CaF ₂, Na3AlF6, Na ₂ SiF6 and so on, but the component concentration difference is bigger, also have different effects.Except for the flux produced by the flux factory, it is best to adjust the proportion of flux components according to the composition of the aluminum alloy.At the same time, refining process conditions are strictly controlled, such as flux amount, flux and melt contact time, contact area, mixing situation, temperature, etc., the use of refining agent can effectively reduce the slag with aluminum, reduce the casting loss.

3.4 effective treatment of aluminum slag produced in the melting process.

Aluminum slag is an inevitable part of casting process, although the relevant measures are taken, there will be a percentage of the metal aluminum was taken out, it is necessary to effectively handle the, rather than direct sales to other units, the most simple and economic method can be used treadmills to repeatedly aluminum slag grinding, screening, part effectively recycling aluminum beans, etc.

3.5 reduce the slope of slag scraping in the mixing furnace, and fully scrape the aluminum slag out of the furnace.

The slagging slope of mixing furnace directly affects the amount of slagging of aluminum slag. If the slope is too large, most of the slagging cannot be removed, which leads to a large amount of deposition of aluminum slag and aluminum. The slagging slope cannot be recovered in time when cleaning furnace.

Aluminum Bar Manufacturer China

Aluminum Bar Manufacturer China

3.6 Aluminum bar manufacturer china reminds you to strictly check the slag quality to prevent liquid Aluminum from being taken out.

Existing grilled slag operation is basically artificial using large rake will pick out the door, aluminum slag in addition to the requirements in the process of the operation personnel careful operation, as far as possible not to be brought out liquid aluminum, large rake design also needs to be fastidious, recommendations will be big rake surface for a few small round hole, can make the aluminum slag with liquid aluminum into the furnace, or too much liquid aluminum is out of the oven again after burning can be brought forth.

3.7 reduce the amount of defective aluminum and bulk aluminum.

, in the process of production process in strict accordance with the requirements of operation, ensure the production of a furnace, a batch of qualified, especially in the process of manufacturing aluminum, as far as possible to avoid flash, burr, corrugated, weight discrepancy defective products such as aluminum, at the same time as much as possible before the end of the production to push flow slot liquid aluminum into the mould to form qualified products, to reduce the large amount of aluminum.

3.8 effective treatment of the defective aluminum produced.

For all kinds of defective aluminum, large aluminum, aluminum slag, aluminum beans, etc., appropriate furnace loading sequence into the mixing furnace, in the case of the necessary to carry out the waste reactivation operation, in order to avoid unnecessary burning.

4. Conclusion

Through the above analysis, casting damage while in the process of fused cast is inevitable, but by controlling the aluminum liquid temperature, reduce the contact strength, liquid aluminum and air control aluminum aluminum content in ash, reduce defective quantity, to effectively reduce the loss in the process of casting, casting will have a significant effect, and will bring considerable economic benefits.

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